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Hanf, Hanfjersey, Hanfmode, Hanftextilien, Hanfforschung und Entwicklung, Hanfbekleidung
Hanf-Textilien, Hanf-Grosshandel, Hanf-Jeans, Hanf-T-shirts, Hanf-Hemden, Hanf-Taschen
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Welcome to HempAge

InNaTex 35 – Eco meets fair

In terms of sustainability eco joins fair in Wallau. Whether fair trade materials or fair produced fashion, all of them are tenors at the current InNaTex from 2nd  to 4th of August.
So at the entrance area of the exhibition fair fashion brands are showing their work, beneath them of course HempAge. We are pleased to welcome you.


Catalogue Fall/Winter 2014/15 and Lookbook 2015

Catalogue Fall/Winter 2014/15 and Lookbook 2015 can be downloaded from now on. The printed catalogue will be sent to you automatically, if you are already our customer.


Fashion week suits capitol chic

Beautyful dresses should awake consumer needs. At nine trade fairs and countless events Berlin mutates into the fashion metropolis. Beauty yes, but not at the costs of anyone this is, what the ethical fashion show wants to highlight. From 8th to 10th of July it shows the world, how fashion can look like in an eco-fair dress. Of course also at the HemAge booth, we are looking forward to your visit.


HempAge is moving during the 24th week

From the 16th of June our new adress is: Industriestraße 14 in 91325 Adelsdorf
Our new phone number is: +49 (0)9195-93201-0
our new fax number is: +49 (0)9195-93201-66


Catalogue spring/summer 2014

Catalogue spring/summer 2014 and Lookbook autumn/winter 2014/15 are available for downloads.


For the fifth time – eco-social fashionfair at Berlin

from the 14th to the16th of january fashion will dominate the capitol. Established, noticed and constantly increased the eco-social aspect of fashion become manifest in the ethical fashion show .
We congratulate on the sucess and will be there certainly, visit us.


Catalogue autumn/winter 2013/14

Catalogue autumn/winter 2013/14 and lookbook spring/summer 2014 are available at downloads now


Ethical Fashion Show, for the fourth time in Berlin

From 2nd to 4th of July the Berlin E-Werk welcomes its visitors to the Show of Fair Fashion . Many international brands will contribute to fulfilling the increasing wish for shopping with a good conscience and, of course, HempAge will be part of it.
Come along, we look forward to your visit.


Green Fashion is not Science Fiction – InNaTex 23

As soon as there is talk about „Future“ in the economy, at the same time there is also a call for sustainability. You will be able to witness these trends regarding Green Fashion for real at the 32nd InNaTex in Wallau from 26th to 28th January. In respect of  green-HEMP-fashion surely you will be drawn towards HempAge. Please visit our exhibition stand nr 146 on the upper floor.


Catalogue spring/summer 2013

Catalogue spring/summer 2013 and Lookbook autumn/winter 2013/14 are available at downloads now.


Fashion, Fairs, Metropolis – Berlin invites again to its Fashion Week

The Ethical Fashion Show presents itself well established at the 3rd time during the Berlin Fashion week among many other fairs.
You are welcome to check out our new line for winter 2013, the new styles available from stock for this summer, or just talk with us about topics and developments in ecology and fair production.
You will find us at Stand F A12 from 15th to 17th of january.


Some very necessary information

Big Brands currently are trying to pull the wool over the consumers' eyes: they claim that the intense continued conventional cultivation of cotton is harmless, indeed nigh on ecologically and socially sustainable. HempAge knows that this is untrue, therefore we support the counter campaign „cottoned on“ by the Soil Association and GOTS. Here you can get a picture of the manifold benefits of organic cotton.


HempAge in ECOenVOGUE magazine

In the latest issue of this new ecological fashion magazin, which is exclusively an online publication, there is an article on Hemp and HempAge. Boris Bärmichl is in charge of the concept and design of this publication. Right from the start, he has managed to provide green fashion with a platform that distinguishes itself in style and professionality.
Have fun browsing through! And, by the way, you can find the article on Hemp on pages 70-83.
Here is the direct link to the magazine:


NEW: Lookbook FS2013 available for download now!

The new Lookbook FS2013 can be downloaded here .


Catalogue Autumn - Winter 2012/13 download available

Here you can take a look into the future: colourful beauty in autumnal twilight and wintery clarity.
Availability of these promising views is anticipated for mid September.


HempAge makes the Capital fair

The „ewerk“ in Berlin-Mitte will host the second Ethical Fashion Show from 4th to 6th of July. International exhibitors will show the latest fashion trends, produced in a socially and ecologically fair manner. Without doubt a highlight of the Berlin Fashion Weeks, not least because of the news from HempAge.


Biofach, more than just a Trade Fair

Even more than in past years, Biofach 2012 will place emphasis on expert forums on the various fields of the organic sector (eigentlich fora, wird aber weniger benutzt und vielleicht nicht verstanden...), which will take place contemporaneously with the "Messe Nürnberg" from 15th to 20th of February. True to the motto "Smart people find new ways together".
This is a concept to the liking of HempAge, which is why we have been supporting the textile forum since its beginnings. So, if you take an interest in innovative thinking, on to the Forum and, of course, to hall 8, stand 311, HempAge has a lot of novelties.


Individual trends at the „in fashion munich“

From 18th to 20th of February a special location will be filled with special designs by select brands. For three days, at the Praterinsel, Munic, trade visitors will have the chance to get impressed, naturally by HempAge as well.


Congratulations: InNaTex turns 30

From 28th until 30th of january InNaTex will be celebrating an important birthday.
In connection with plenty of news from HempAge and various other green labels, there will be reason for really good vibes and definitely a „sustainable mood“.


Spring/Summer catalogue 2012 now available for download

If you cannot wait for the summer, take a peek at its beautiful site here .


Paris in Berlin

The Berlin Fashion Week is growing a new, important branch: The Ethical Fashion Show . In this show, responsible-minded fashion is being presented and, in doing this, it has already stood the test several times in Paris. Just another reason for HempAge, to participate in the Berlin Fashion Week again. We invite you to visit us at the Berlin E-Werk, from 18th to 20th January 2012. Get immersed in the Fashion Week, with a touch of Paris, „la ville d'amour“.



Making of... a glimpse behind the scenes

The catalogues of HempAge are recently getting more compliments. Actually we got more professional in fashion, models and pictures. Now we are even able to show you: Click here to see a making-of-clip of the last photo shooting. Have fun and enjoy.



Innovative: The new autumn/winter catalogue is now available for download

You can discover a lot of brand new styles in our new catalogue . New colours and styles to brighten up the autumn and warm your feelings in winter. Check it out yourself and place your orders in time.


InNaTex number 29: step by step to sustainability

It will be a pleasure for us to guide you on this way, because we already bring the requirements with us: fashion, produced in ecological and social responsibility.
This year you are going to discover extraordinary many news at InNaTex in Wallau from 6th to 8th of august.
Come to see the innovations at booth 149 in upper floor,
experience them at the fashion show.


Biofach attracts professional visitors

Also HempAge, which presents its collection at the textile area in hall 8.
From 16th to 19th of february you can have a look at hemp-fashion not only at booth 8-325.
So risk a view at the catwalk. You will imagine, how hempfashion can move.
The fashion show really became the highlight of the textile area.
Visit it, it is worthwhile.


Small but excellent: HempAge at the Naturtex in Switzerland

From 13th to 14th of february all of the Swiss natural textile reseller hear the call: Let's go to the Novotel in Bern.
Compact as the Switzerland itsself the Naturtex fair shows, what the offer from the world of natural textiles is. So HempAge has no chance to be absent.


The 28. InNaTex wants to redefine the natural textiles

Thereby the ecolocical way of culturing would be rated higher than before, also at the admission criteria for the exhibitors.
No problem for the hemptextile producer, because their material never needed herbicides or pesticides.
So please vist our eco and fair fashion in upper floor at booth 146, because it wants enchant you by feeling, color, form and style.


FWF-audit 2010 at HempAge in Adelsdorf

Because our membership of FWF, not only the production was checked. The social-guards had visited us in Germany too. Also in this case transperancy is important for us. So you can have a look at the complete audit-report here.


The catalogue autumn/winter 2010/11 is now ready for download

Get dressed by nature also in wintertime. Check out the options here .


Tradition meets the modern way: 27th InNaTex

The slogan of the international natural textile fair this summer shows the change:
Sustainability and fairness are not longer the themes just for the „old-ecos“.
There are more and more new young labels coming into the scene.
We think „That's it!“ and present a collection of traditional basics and stylish news from 7th to 9th of Wallau near Frankfurt a. M..


HempAge really fast: Acceleration is the slogan of the third thekeyto

The fashionweeks in Berlin are getting greener with thekeyto .
At the third time the youngest fashion fair of Berlin takes place within the fashion weeks from the 8th to th 10th of july.
This time you can visit the green fashion in the Postbahnhof, of cource the fashion of HempAge is present as well.


The catalogue spring/summer 2010 ready for download

Bright and breezy: until we sent out the new Katalog after InNaTex fair, here you can imagine, what kind of textile hempnews you are able to wear next saison.


A second time the green thekeyto enrich the fashion-fair-scene of Berlin

The fashion fairs of Berlin agreed on a shared date and so they build the one and only fashion event of the branch.
The fact, that the green fashion fair thekeyto is established now, HempAge is simply enjoyed about.
Therefore we are present from 20th to 23th of january at Berlin Kreuzberg in the old Heeresbäckerei in the Köpenicker street 16717.


Fair production in China: Yes we can!

Since the first of October, HempAge has become a member of the Fair Wear Foundation.
The previous audits by FWF at our partners factory in China have already drawn a clear picture that:
Fair trade production is possible in China!
The "How" ecological and fair production can be accomplished is far more important than the "Where" this can be done -- perceptions that such production is not possible in China are simply not true.
Compliance with FWF standards are regularly checked by the strict and well trained inspectors of FWF at our partner's sites. If a member is not in compliance or is not improving, they can be suspended from the FWF program.
You can check the actual list of findings and improvements at our partner factories here .
More informations on the ecological and social aspects of our products can be found in our hempinfo .


Catalogue autumn/winter 2009/10 is available for download

New colors, new styles, new material mix: Take a look at the actual HempAge catalogue here .


HempAge at the thekeyto fair: the inovative exibition-hotspot for eco-fashion in Berlin

From the first till the fourth of Juli the green fashion fair thekeyto is taking place for the first time in Berlin.
80 to 100 labels of the eco-fashion-world are awaiting a certain high number of interested audience at the old Postbuilding.
And, because in the german fashion-metropolis at the same time some further fashion-events are beeing arranged, the Juli in Berlin becomes to a Must fot every fashion professional.


The new information booklet „hemp info“ is now available!

Updated informations about HempAge, hemp, certifications and product manufacturing are waiting for you to download here .


HempAge on the catwalk

Moving moments of the eco-fashionworld at Biofach 2009 can be enjoyed here .
Recorded and provided by NürnbergMesse.


FWF-Audit completed

We are very happy that our company philosphy of  social responsability of those with whom we work have been tested by the best available facilities that are out there to provide such proof, the Fairwear- Foundation.

Now, we have the certified basis to prove against the prevailing mainstream media coverage that socially responsible production does in fact exsist in China! 

The official results can be found here .



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